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8-Step Platinum Lawn Care Package Estimator

Looking for a GreenerHealthier Lawn?

Kirkbride Land & Snow Management can deliver with our 8-Step Platinum Lawn Care Package.

To get an immediate estimate for your property, please fill out the personal information and property details below and we will process your request.

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    Estimated 8-Step Treatment with Core Aeration Cost

    Step 1: 12-0-3 Dimension Estimate

    Step 2: T-Zone Estimate

    Step 3: 18-0-3 Dimension Estimate

    Step 4: 21-0-4 Merit Estimate

    Step 5: Bisect Estimate

    Step 6: 25-0-2 Fertilizer Estimate

    Step 7: T-Zone Estimate

    Core Aeration Estimate

    Step 8: 30-0-6 Fertilizer Estimate

    Total Estimated Cost

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